About Mastervolt

For almost 20 years, Mastervolt has been a leader in the areas of management, conversion and storage of electrical energy. With their power solutions, Mastervolt makes people network-independent - no matter where they are.


Mastervolt offers you a perfect solution in many different areas:

Charge and Convert

Mastervolt's power conversion products offer cutting-edge technology, quality and reliability. Discover the wide range of battery chargers, inverters, combi devices, DC / DC converters and much more.


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Batteries are the key to a completely autonomous power supply for vehicles that are not connected to the power grid. Mastervolt offers various battery technologies, all of which are designed for optimal performance, reliability and durability in harsh environments.


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Manage and Monitor

Mastervolt offers high quality components that can communicate in a comprehensive network system. This gives you full control of the system and you can access information about it at any time.


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Power Generation

Alternative energy sources are required to be independent of grid-connected electricity. Mastervolt offers a variety of power supply solutions that generate energy, like solar chargers or high-performance generators.


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Mastervolt offers a wide range of power connections, cables, isolating transformers and switching systems. This guarantees a safe and trouble-free power supply whenever you are on the go.


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