Bösenberg receives Exchange of Experience Award

Exchange of experience with colleagues

"That was another great experience", says Michael Steiner. Last week the Hannover, Germany based company was host for 11 colleagues, that meet on a regular basis to exchange their experiences on business management. All are member of "Creative Partner" a business network of woodworking companies located all over Germany.


To profit from one anothers experience, to develop new strategies within the network is the goal of these regular meetings of the exchange of experience groups. All the companies within the group are of similar size and structure. "This way we can compare our solutions for every day work problems" says Sven Mischel, CEO of Creative Partner. Each group assigns a task before every meeting. Subjects like leadership, storage structure or business management are prepared by each member and then discussed within the group. Most valuable is always to exchange everybodys experiences with the subject and to learn from one another. "Everybody is an expert in a different field, that's how we profit from it" says Michael Steiner. "The feedback I get from my colleagues is more valuable than any consultant could ever give me. It helps me to overcome the organisational blindness."


Creative Partner has realised the potential of these groups. This is why it focuses on them for many years already. The exchange of experience groups are one of the foundations of Creative Partner.