Carpenters' Vehicles with a Certificate of No Objection (Volkswagen Crafter)

The Carpenters' vehicle originated from the cooperation of Volkswagen, Tischler-Schreiner Deutschland (German Carpentry Association) and Bösenberg. The aim of the partners was to develop a safe and flexible vehicle for building joiners and cabinet makers. The finished product was presented at the LIGNA 2013.

Feature List (Excerpt) and Options

  • Partition wall TW-CRA-1 behind the seat bench in the cargo hold for safety and maximum space utilisation
  • Through-loading system in the partition wall for a loading lenght of 4 meters
  • Workbench for repair and mounting work, optionally with a vice
  • Pullouts and storage space for Systainer
  • Side panels made of perforated metal plates for the possibility to mount tools safely to the wall
  • Storing position for large appliances, e.g. a compressor
  • Extensive cargo securing system consisting of lashing rails in the floor, on the ceiling and in between the shelf bars, as well as tie rods (horizontal + vertical) and belts for attaching
  • Bright lighting integrated in the ceiling lining
  • Rear step / ram protection at the rear for an easier access and protection from fender bender

Consultation before the Purchase

During the configuration of your new workshop vehicle, the interior of the base vehicle is of utmost importance.


We know which vehicle meets your requirements best. That is why we offer consultation before you purchase your new vehicle. Together, we configure the right base vehicle independently from the manufacturer and without intentions to sell. Save yourself time and nerves with our free service! Click here for the contact form.