Scuba Diving Vehicles

Scuba-diving vehicles for professional applications (e.g. during a watergate maintenance) must meet many criteria. The diving equipment must be transported safely and at the same time, a lounge and changing area is required in the vehicle on site. The technically perfect solution for this purpose comes from Bösenberg!

Feature List (Excerpt) and Options

  • Rear view camera with a TFT colour screen, infrared night vision, audio transmission and electric protective cover
  • Auxiliary heating with warm air distribution to multiple rooms and heating of cupboards for drying the equipment
  • Dynawatt power supply at the power take-off or above the vehicle engine - without  space-consuming emergency generator. Maximum power of 4 or 5 kVA (at the engine) or 9 – 20 kVA (MB Sprinter up to 35 kVA) with 400 V / 7 – 20 kVA for 230V
  • Power supply with energy control via CAN-Bus, lithium ion or AGM batteries, inverter, safety switch, mulitple circuits, electric cut out switch for an external power supply, etc. Internal charger. Hidden installation of all cables.
  • Fully integrated 12 V battery unit. Electric lighting in energy-efficient LED technology
  • Roof storage with ventilation above the driver's cab
  • Storage system depending on requirements and equipment, also for special parts
  • Mounting brackets for diving masks, jackets and wetsuits
  • Storage cupboards for oxygen tanks and refill tanks
  • Rear step / ram protection with ABE

Consultation before the Purchase

During the configuration of your new laboratory vehicle, the interior of the base vehicle is of utmost importance.


We know which vehicle meets your requirements best. That is why we offer consultation before you purchase your new vehicle. Together, we configure the right base vehicle independently from the manufacturer and without intentions to sell - and of course also all further alterations and mountings. Save yourself time and nerves with our free service! Click here for the contact form.