Mercedes-Benz Vito

As a base vehicle, the Mercedes-Benz Vito is ideal for bigger surveying teams. With three to five seats and plenty of room for tools and surveying instruments, these vehicles can be flexibly equipped. Whether it be for a cadastral, property or special survey, we develop custom-made solutions.


  • Anti-slip and easily cleaned floor
  • Single seats as a retrofit solution: flexible equipment (adjustability, headrests, armrests, seat covers, etc.) and they can be positioned freely in the cargo hold. With a three-point belt, TÜV certification and admission as a driver's seat
  • Work station in the front with a custom equipment, e.g. a large folding writing surface, drawer cabinet on the worktop, tripod compartments, prism pole shelves, heavy-duty extraction for tools and much more
  • Custom rear interior with divisions and shelves, e.g. flexible shelves for instruments, drawers for tools and small parts, compartments for tripods, ranging poles or invar staves and much more
  • Strong protective grids, if requested with holders for prism poles or a Makrolon window to protect against draughts
  • Electric installations with an additional battery, charger or inverter from 300 to 2000 Watts
  • Bright and glare-free lighting in LED technology
  • Lables with warning strips or logos according to instructions
  • Warning systems with flashing lights, either permantly installed or removable, a combination is also possible
  • Special requests? Just ask us! We have a solution for almost everything.

Consultation before the Purchase

During the configuration of your new surveying vehicle, the interior of the base vehicle is of utmost importance.


We know which vehicle meets your requirements best. That is why we offer consultation before you purchase your new vehicle. Together, we configure the right base vehicle independently from the manufacturer and without intentions to sell. Save yourself time and nerves with our free service! Click here for the contact form.