Emergency Ambulance Volkswagen Touran

Despite its compact design, this emergency ambulance based on a Volkswagen Touran offers enough storage space for the important medical-technical equipment that is needed during a medical emergency.

Feature List (Excerpt) and Options

  • Flashing blue lights from Hella, Hänsch et al. as well as radio equipment units.
  • Fully integrated 12 V battery unit. Electric lighting with energy-efficient LED technology.
  • Integrated compressor refrigerator and extendable heat compartment.
  • Loading according to DIN or the integration of existing components.
  • Customised labelling, also retro-reflective.

Consultation before the Purchase

During the configuration of your new fire-fighting vehicle, the interior of the base vehicle is of utmost importance.


We know which vehicle meets your requirements best. That is why we offer consultation before you purchase your new vehicle. Together, we configure the right base vehicle independently from the manufacturer and without intentions to sell - and of course also all further alterations and mountings. Save yourself time and nerves with our free service! Click here for the contact form.