Equipment Truck for Respiratory Protection Monitoring


The vehicle is devided into two areas through a solid partition wall. In the front is the communications and controlling area with up to three workingstations and a conference area with four seats.


In the back a complete tent including the equipment and heater can be transported safely.

The technology in detail:

Equipment of the radio and conference area

  • Central workstation with lateral and tilted aluminium communication console for operating the power supply system, radio conference system, telephone system and the radio control console
  • Foldable table to get in and out of the vehicle easily (alternatively the tabletop can be covered completely with acrylic glass, e.g. to put maps and sketches underneath)
  • Custom-made table stand with integrated storage space for respiratory protection monitoring units
  • Wall unit with gas pressure spring equipped flaps
  • Side cabinets with smooth-running roller blind shutter
  • Magnetic whiteboard behind the driver's seat
  • Open storage with back upstand above the driver's cab as expansion of the storage options on-board and integrated, separately switchable driver's cab lighting
  • Waterproof, non-slip and sealed floor
  • Folder shelves with foldable fiddle integrated in the partition wall
  • Awning with 4m length and 2,5m projection, awning box painted in the colour of the vehicle

Interior of the tool-storage area

  • Mounting and lashing possibilities for auxiliary heater and supplies
  • Storage shelves on both sides to stow Euroboxes, traffic cones, radar speed lights / surface obstacle lights, fire extinguisher, broom, shovel and two complete beer tent set ups
  • Folding ramp with a load capacity of up to 500kg for loading the equipment cart
  • Highlight: Integrated mounting in the tool-storage area for the transport of an equipment cart including the tent

Electrical system

  • Rettbox-feed socket (alternatively also DEFA, PowAirBox or CEE possible)
  • Intelligent 180Ah lithium-ion battery
  • Inverter-charger-combination with 1600 watt real sine alternating current
  • 12V distribution with CAN-Bus controlling and monitoring
  • Charging converter for the power supply of the energy system via the vehicle generator in Euro6 vehicles
  • Switch to change between LED workspace and driver's cab lighting and red LED night lighting
  • LED cargo hold lighting
  • Additional 12V and 230V junction boxes in the cargo hold
  • Highlight: Intelligent CAN-Bus power supply system with touch screen to display systematically relevant information

Special signalling system

  • Hänsch DBS 4000 in the front with offset E-horn behind the bumper. Additionally switchable via foot switch at the driver's seat
  • Announcement and radio intrusion
  • Two front flashers integrated in the grille
  • Separately switchable periphery lighting of B- and D-pillar through bright LED-light modules
  • Highlight: Bösenberg roof console at the vehicle rear with 3. blue flashing light, integrated periphery lighting for the rear, rear warning system, integrated indicator and green flashing light for marking the command post

Radio communication

  • 2x TETRA-BOS radios (one with preliminary setup) with external card readers
  • 2x 4m BOS radios
  • 3x 2m BOS radios (2x FuG 9c, 1x Active Mount for Kenwood TK-290)
  • Exterior antenna connection for operating an offset antenna
  • 2x charging holder for 2m handheld radio
  • Radio control system Funktronic Major with gooseneck microphone, phone and four-circuit control
  • Headset and foot switch
  • Additonal handset for emergency workstation (rotated passenger seat)

IT system

  • GSM-Gateway with integrated fax connection
  • DECT phone
  • 8-way Ethernet-Switch for computer network
  • Network-compatible multifunctional printer
  • Highlight: LTE-WIFI-GPS-router


  • Signalling disc
  • 3x explosion-protected hand lamps
  • Gorilla Bar
  • 6kg ABC powder extinguisher
  • 2kg CO2-extinguisher
  • Euroboxes
  • 6 traffic cones
  • LED traffic flashing lights
  • 2 beer tent furniture sets
  • Diesel tent heating with accessories
  • Broom and shovel
  • Flip chart
  • Tent and equipment cart