The New Standard.

At the 2016 IAA Bösenberg presents a mobile command vehicle that sets new standards in its class in layout, ease of operation and networking.


Based on the new Crafter the most modern vehicle platform joins with an intelligent emergency vehicle setup by Bösenberg.


Developed in collaboration with Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, for the first time ever the electrical system of the command vehicle exchanges information with the base vehicle. All information - either of the vehicle or the electrical system - can be displayed and handled on the in-dash touchscreen of the navigation system. Additionally the same information can be displayed through a smartphone app.

The innovations in detail:

The interior

  • L-shaped work station with a radio tower placed centrally for the installation of various types of radio control consoles
  • Complete work surface covered with acrylic glass, e.g. as a base for maps and sketches
  • Diagonal aluminium console for the installation of the radio operating system
  • Side cabinet for hand lamps and handheld radios that can also be accessed from the outside
  • Top cabinet with embedded lighting
  • Rear interior with heavy duty extension for DIN power generator, storing space for Euroboxes, traffic cones, flashing traffic lights/obstacle lighting installations, fire extinguisher
  • Two retrofitted, swiveling M1 seats with integrated three-point belts (suitable for driving)
  • Waterproof and sealed floor
  • Highlight: diagonally positioned wall with two flush mounted 24'' industrial monitors. Also avaible as a touch screen if requested.

Electric system

  • DEFA feed socket (Rettbox available as an alternative)
  • 180 Ah lithium-ion battery
  • Combined inverter and charger with 1600 W pure sine waves and 100 A charger
  • 12 V distribution with CAN-BUS control and monitoring
  • Charging converter for power supply via the second generator
  • LED workspace lighting can be fully switched to a red night light
  • Highlight: connection to the KFG interface of the new Volkswagen Crafter for the control and monitoring of the lighting as well as the ICT technology via the vehicle's navigation display.

Special signalling system

  • Hänsch DBS 4000 in the front with compressor Martin horn system, additional flashing lights, power flashing lights, ambient lighting in the front as well as right and left, helicopter detection and integrated red indicators for marking the command posts
  • Hänsch DBS 4000 at the rear with additional flashing lights, ambient lighting on the right and left, rear end warning system, intergrated flashers, helicopter detection and integrated red indicators for marking the command posts
  • External E-horn behind the bumper
  • Announcement possibility through speakers and radio connection
  • CAN-Bus control unit incl. function to turn of flashing lights in the grille when driving in a convoy
  • Highlight: second detached CAN-Bus control unit in the radio room for the complete of the ambient lighting and a switch for the red command post indication.


  • 3x TETRA-BOS radio unit
  • 2x 4m BOS radio unit (preliminary setup)
  • 2x 2m BOS radio unit
  • Antenna coupler according to DIN/ETSI für 2x TMO and 1x DMO
  • 2x charging holder for TETRA HRT

Radio control console LARDIS®

  • 8-time industrial Ethernet Switch for the radio network with wide range temperature stability and wide range voltage input
  • Two identically equipped radio work stations with a VoIP based operating system
  • 2x 10" touch user interface
  • Additional call station with gooseneck microphone, handset and four speed dial buttons
  • Headset
  • Foot switch
  • LARDIS-DESK 2016
  • Integrated telephony via VoIP
  • 5-tone signalling in accordance with ZVEI
  • ELA and installation control system
  • Short-term documentation at the work station
  • Highlight: Long-term documentation on the central log server with recording of all calls (radio and telephone), statistics and messages

IT system

  • GSM gateway with integrated VoIP telephone system
  • Two DECT VoIP telephones with IP65 protection
  • 8-time industrial Gigabit Ethernet Switch for the PC network with wide range temperature stability and wide range voltage input
  • Two identical computer work stations with 24" industrial monitors
  • Network-compatible multifunction printer
  • Highlight: industrial LTE-WiFi-GPS-router with wide range temperature stability and wide range voltage input


  • Compact LED traffic flashing lights
  • Euroboxes
  • Ex-protected hand lamps
  • 6 kg ABC powder extinguisher
  • 2 kg CO2-extinguisher
  • Six traffic cones
  • Stopping pole
  • Highlight: emergency generator according to DIN 14685-2 incl. 50 m cable reel