Workshop Vehicles for Fire Brigades

Workshop vehicles for fire brigades are available in many different forms. Bösenberg's expertise with "civil" vehicles and experiences in building classic vehicles for fire brigades complement each other. Numerous elements can be transfered or adapted to the hard service of fire brigades.

Feature List (Excerpt) and Options

  • Flashing blue lights from Hella, Hänsch et al. with LED flashing lights in the front grille and rear. Connection of the car radio with the public-address microphone
  • Rear view camera with a TFT colour screen, infrared night vision, audio transmission and an electric protective cover
  • Dynawatt power supply via the vehicle's engine - without a space-consuming emergency generator, 4000 or 5000 W maximum power with an electric RPM-lifter
  • Power supply with energy control via CAN-Bus, lithium ion or AGM batteries, inverter, safety switch, mulitple circuits, electric cut out switch for an external power supply, etc. Internal charger. Hidden installation of all cables.
  • Fully integrated 12 V battery unit. Electric lighting with energy-efficient LED technology
  • Side awning
  • LED periphery lighting
  • Roof stowage above the driver's cab
  • Hinged ramps
  • Interior with shelving systems and cargo securing elements as requested